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Mandala Research

Mandala Research

Your research today is a collaboration with a group of students in your class.

Before you can start you must check your school Google mail. 

Follow the link to the Google Presentation.

  1. COPY the template page
  2. Paste it into the presentation
  3. Type in your name
  4. SAVE now
  5. Search the internet for images and information about mandalas.
    Suggested search words: mandala, radial symmetry
    Challenge: Find mandala like images in other countries than Tibet that are used for similar purposes
  6. Copy and paste images
  7. Add additional information about the country of origin. IN YOUR WORDS provide more information and what you find interesting about this particular mandala or mandala-like image.

Note: Images can only be entered one time so be sure to check all of the pages.  If it turns out that your slide is a duplicate, look for another image.

Jan 24, 2011, 7:06 AM