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Global Artists 

explore color and symbols used by cultures  and create a personal mandala
expressing identity.

Introductory Document

mandala planning sheet            
mandala self-evaluation

more mandala examples

Enduring Understandings

The process of researching and creating a mandala and talking and/or writing about it for others, will help students to: 

understand how cultures use symbols and color to communicate

express personal identity through artwork                

Essential Questions

How do cultures use color and symbols to communicate?

How can art communicate identity?


Introduction to the project

Mandala Research

Trip to San Antonio Museum of Art

Special Guest Presentation

Planning and Design

Color theory and skill building



Students examine mandalas in Tibetan and Indian culture, before creating a mandala representing their own identity.

Overview of lesson.

  1. Research and discuss mandalas. 
  2. Colored pencil:
    color theory class discussion and activity
    mixing exercise using prisma color pencils
  3. Plan. Draw a sketch.
    - image or not! – “self portrait”
    - symmetrical or asymmetrical
    - decide on color scheme
  4. Submit sketch/consult with classmates and teacher.
  5. Draw

- find center of the page



- lightly sketch outline



- fill with light/white

Global Art 1-2007

Artist:Jack L.

Artist: Steven O.

- fill with color


·   white layer reflects the light and color for the colored layer

·   keep pencils sharp

·   keep a “table protector” on table to catch pencil crumbs and make clean-up easier

6. Title and self evaluate

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