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1. Photographing  artwork keeping in mind these tips:
    - check camera settings (standard)
    - decide on flash, no flash, macro or not (try several)
    - hold camera parallel to the surface

2. Get the photographs from the camera
    - make a folder on the desktop (name it - your class period and name drawing - 3valentine drawing)
    - attach the cord or take put the card into the laptop (PLEASE!!!!!!!!! the cards have to be returned)
    - copy the images to the folder (return the cable to the box or the card to the camera)

3. Crop the photos
    - you may use Adobe photo elements or Microsoft photo editor

4. Check the file size.  If the camera was set correctly then you images should be 100 k or less. If not you need to prepare you photo for the web.  Can you figure out how to do that?

5. Upload your images to Picasa web album
    ISA students - log in to google - login = novel +, password novel
    9th ISA and all STEM students - log in to google login = novel, password ne+novel