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Drawing Unit

Students examine and explore the relationship of brain functions and learning to draw realistically. They practice exercises to develop perceiving: edges, values, space, relationship before putting those skills together and finding gestalt.

Drawing Introduction Presentation with embedded videos

"Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain", Betty Edwards

Brain Function Tests- not deep science but fun ways to look at how your brain functions.

Do this test first.  It is arguable if measuring left and right brain preferences indicates creativity.  Does creativity lie in one or the other or does it involved the ability to use both?

If you finish the above test, search for more resources to add to this google page

Other assessments that you might want to try later at home.

Be sure to read the explanations. 

Drawing exercises.  The sites to the right have directions similar to what we do in class.
- vase face
- modified contour drawing - 
- finding value- drawing spheres first from imagination and then from observation
- relationships- while drawing spheres noticing scale and relationships
- nature calls, putting it all together- during field trip to the Botanical Center drawing

RSA Animate - The Divided Brain 

Which way is the dancer spinning?

Explanation of spinning dancer. Remember that people are not really either right brain or left brain.  Everyone uses both sides of their brain.  Each side has functions that are better suited for it. Sometimes people have preferences for the functions of one side or the other, but the trick is to develop functions that fit the tasks.

Picasso Drawing

Blind Contour Drawing

Blind Contour Drawing

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