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Global Art

ART 1: Global Art  5511z                                            Instructor: Pamela Valentine

International School of the Americas                   



Course Description: Global Art, an Art I studio class, through projects, lecture, discussion, and research, examines the cultural and historical aspects of art.   Students will study the elements of art and the principles of design; experience and develop basic skills with a variety of media including electronic; and explore personal expression and creativity.  Both a studio workspace and a digital portfolio will be maintained throughout the year.






As an Art Instructor, it is my responsibility to students to:


  • provide a class environment that is safe and highly conducive to learning
  • be an enthusiastic, encouraging art teacher
  • be fair, firm, and consistent in discipline
  • demonstrate techniques, model skills, and impart a working foundation of art across time and culture, aesthetics, and art criticism
  • maintain communication with students, parents, and staff to the benefit of student success

As an Art Student, it is your responsibility to:


  • attend class, be on time
  • be prepared for class
  • focus on learning and allow others to focus on learning
  • diligently apply yourself to complete all assignments
  • courteously listen to teacher and student presentations and demonstrations
  • respect the property of others
  • take responsibility for cleaning up work area


Consequences for irresponsible behavior:

1. Clarification

2. Student conference

3. Parent conference

4. Referral to administrator



The art grade will consist of class participation (studio work, discussion and participation), assignments, and exams.  Out of class assignments reinforce skills practiced in class during projects.   Each assignment or project is evaluated against a specific criteria and objectives and will include a self-evaluation. 


Assignments and class projects are to be completed by the due date.  Late work will not be accepted (with the exception of make-up work due to excused absences.)  Please confer ahead of the due date if you feel you will not be able to make the deadline. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  Students may make arrangements for studio time outside of class time. Time allowed for make-up is in accordance with the Student/Parent Handbook.  . 


Progress reports are issued to all students during the 3rd week of each grading period. 





Artwork is to be labeled on the back, with name and class period, kept clean, and flat, (not bent, rolled, torn, or smudged.)  Any work turned in without a name is placed in a folder for nameless work.  It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve, sign, and hand in the work before the progress report averages are completed.



Pamela Valentine

Global Art Instructor
Technology Coordinator

International School of the Americas

email: pvalen@neisd.net
442-0404 ex 362




I am looking forward to spending a productive year studying art with you.  You are encouraged to see me about your special interests or extra help if you should need any.  I am usually in the ISA computer lab before school and 113 or 213 after school.  Leave a note in my mailbox or on my desk or email me if you wish to set up a conference.


Please sign and return this paper next class.


I have read the course description, orientation, and procedures.  If I have any questions I know to ask for clarification.




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