Week one is in the books!

posted Sep 3, 2012, 6:17 PM by Steven Magadance
What a week we had a Johnson.  By most accounts the first week of school was a pretty routine.  However, upon closer review there are a lot of things happening that help the week go smoothly.

Week one is all about stamina building.  Teachers and staff work at standing and talking for extended periods and learning the names of a new group of students.  Students spent time learning their schedules and locations of each classroom and reconnecting with friends from last year.  Counselors spent much of their time working with our students to craft the "perfect" schedule.

Me and my administrative teammates spent nearly every minute of each passing period helping students find their classrooms, checking out textbooks, and climbing stairs.  I have to say the E, F, and G wings are a snap but it may take me the entire year to figure out the A wing's room numbering system.  

Repeat after me, "Odd numbers are on the outside and evens are on the inside of the circles."

I'll have it down this week.

By mid-week most classes got down to the important business of learning, and this is a really good sign of things to come given all of the other beginning of school tasks that take place early in the first week.  At Johnson this week, we also introduced the FLEX day schedule.  

FLEX periods will meet every Tuesday and Wednesday and will develop into a space dedicated towards student learning and enrichment.  FLEX periods will allow students to prepare for national achievement tests, receive remediated instruction in preparation for the STAAR EOC exams, and to pursue other areas of interest each nine weeks.  One particular area of focus this nine weeks is the 7 Habits for teens in which all of our ninth-grade students are participating.  Students are working with trained members of the Johnson faculty to prepare themselves for productive, self-actualized high school careers and post-secondary pursuits.