posted Sep 9, 2012, 10:36 AM by Steven Magadance
The second week of school has concluded.  On Friday, the electricity in the halls was unmistakably palatable.  There was an in San Antonio varsity football game on the schedule, and participants in all of the game related festivities were dressed in full regalia.

It is no secret that humans are social animals.  Being and feeling connected to a place or a group enriches our experience as humans, and when we participate in a group to achieve a common outcome amazing things happen.  Research also suggests that participation in extra-curricular activities can have have a positive impact on student achievement at school.

Being connected can provide the necessary motivation go to school, learn social dynamics, and practice the social skills necessary to become a successful adult.

Organizations that are open and inviting to new members in the community serve an individual's need for connection and server the organization's desire for longevity.  This is a win-win prospect for both parties.

Here at Johnson there are several opportunities for students to get involved.  Check out the Clubs & Organizations at Johnson and contact the organization sponsor if you are interested in attending meetings and events.

Have a great week!