posted Aug 26, 2012, 8:52 AM by Steven Magadance
A long time ago, a commencement speaker I heard described the nervous feeling he would always get when there was something new happening in his life.  He characterized the connection between new and anxious as a reason to celebrate that what he was doing in his life, and perhaps more importantly how he was doing it, was still important to him.  Basically, if he explained that if things weren't important anymore or if the results of an action no longer mattered it was time to move on.

As my family and I step onto the threshold of the next chapter of life and the newness of Johnson continues to seep in, I am happy to report that it all still matters very much to me.  My desire to do well by the students, parents, and teachers of the Johnson community is healthily keeping me on my toes.  Yes, I am nervous.

All said however, I am also confident that we are ready to receive students tomorrow morning.

Let the butterflies flurry.