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Who is Mr. Magadance?

The 13-14 school year marks the beginning of my second year at Johnson and my fourteenth year in education.  I previously served as a learner and leader at the International School of the Americas(ISA) and Robert E. Lee High School.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Trinity University 1998

Master of Arts in Teaching, Trinity University 2000

Master of Education: School Administration, Trinity University 2007

I will begin my fourteenth year in education this fall.  As a teacher at Lee High School and ISA, I have had the opportunity to work with students in ninth through twelfth grade.  I have had experience preparing classes studying world geography, economics, United States government, United States history, psychology, sociology, and philosophy.  I am eager to continue learning from my colleagues at Johnson High School.

I have been happily married for nearly eleven years to Julie who is a former English teacher.  We have two extremely precocious and friendly children, Noah (8) and Cora (5), who keep us very busy when they are not sleeping.  We like to ride bikes, play golf, swim, jump on our trampoline, and play with our puppy Chuck and four laying hens who keep us in eggs throughout the entire year.