We are both elementary school librarians in North East ISD in San Antonio, Texas.

Angie Oliverson blogs at http://www.msoreadsbooks.com/

Cari Young blogs at http://librarylearners.com/

Under other names we've both been interested in the "makerspace" idea for some time. 

Here are some quotes from the Kindle version of the book Invent to Learn . Hopefully they might help inspire you or your colleagues to see the driving force behind a makerspace. 

First off ... the author paraphrases Piaget (remember that name from college textbooks?) in the title. "To understand is to invent." (location 159 of 5629)


"Teaching is not testing." (location 1929)

Then from a totally different source, make sure to check out this blog post by a school administrator.

Then Maker Ed provides many, sources for "Making the Case."

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"Seek out open-ended projects that foster students' involvement with a variety of materials, treating computers as just one more material, alongside rules, wire, paper, sand, and so forth." (location 905)

 (and how fabulous that she points this out as the author of the book was part of the group that invented GPS)