Each student should sign up for a site that they will lead the group and act as tour guide.  If anyone would like to help a fellow traveler with their sitework by pairing up with a partner that is great!  Please be sure to print out any information that you wish to share and bring it with you on the trip.  Please be sure to research travel by train or bus to your location. Most tour books and web sites provide directions.

Travelers may trade locations to be guide if they visit first with the other guide.  Adjust this page.

Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum                                    Trevor and Mr. Sprott
Nijo Castle                                                                                    Trevor  and Marina              
Fushimi Inari                                                                              Gabriela and Bo Bridgette                                                                      
Nara - Todaiji, deer park, garden                                          Gracie and Taylor
Gion                                                                                               Victoria and Felicitas
Takayama old town                                                                   Gracie and Perla
Kiyomizu                                                                                      Magi and Jacqueline
Hello Kitty Shop, Nishiki Market                                          Sarah (Karin) and Marina
Higashi Honganji                                                                     Elisha and Victoria
100 yen store                                                                                PV and Felicitas 

Plan for Takayama:
It looks as if we will have one afternoon for sightseeing in Takayama.  (Gracie )
Tentative plan for Kyoto:
Monday: drop off luggage, eat lunch near station,exchange money,  pick up train and bus scheduled and maps, shop??? visit a site??? Let's decide!
Possibilities: Shop at the Cube, Hello Kitty shop (Sarah (Karin) and Marina),  and other shops in the station area or go to the Shiijo Street shopping area (?), check into the ryokan, ?  Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum,(Trevor) Gion (Perla and Felicitas) in the evening?
100 yen store?
Meals that you will have to pay for: Lunch and Dinner
Travel: bus and possibly train - Travelers pay for all transportation and entry fees.
Tuesday: breakfast at ryokan, early departure for Nara, eat lunch at a shopping area on the way back to the train, stop at Fushimi Inari on the way back to Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station catch train to Nara, Todaiji (Gracie), deer park, and Yoshikien Garden  lunch somewhere, train back towards Kyoto Station, get off at Fushimi Inari

Meals that you will have to pay for: Lunch and Dinner
ISA will pay for train to Nara and entry to Todaiji.  Travelers pay for all other transportation and entry fees.
Wednesdaybreakfast at ryokan,Kiyo Mizu, Nishiki Market(Karin), Nijo Castle (Trevor) , (if time 100 yen store near Nijo)

Meals that you will have to pay for: Lunch and Dinner
Travel: bus and possibly train - Travelers pay for all transportation and entry fees.
After dinner pack.
Thursdaybreakfast at ryokan, bring bags to the lobby, visit Higashi Honganji close to ryokan, bus from Kyoto to airport
Meals that you will have to pay for: Lunch and Dinner  There are lots of moderately priced restaurants in the airport, as well as quite a bit of shopping

Keep in mind that we will want to have a balance of things kinds of places so that we can see a little bit of everything:
shopping     shrines and temples  cultural (museums)  nature 
Places to consider 


who added 
Travel Time-from ryokan or station
Indicate cost of train ticket
Hours/Days of Operation  Entry fees Estimate time to visit           Approx. total time

Head guide and assistant

 Fushima Inari


Pamela Valentine

 5 minute train ride and 5 minute walk

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Fushimi Inari Shrine is located just outside JR Inari Station, the second station from Kyoto Station along the JR Nara Line (5 minutes, 140 yen one way from Kyoto Station, not served by rapid trains). The shrine can also be reached in a short walk from Fushimi Inari Station along the Keihan Main Line.

Hours: Always open
Closed: No closing days
Admiss: Free

1 hour + 

90 minutes rushing
 Kiyo Mizu

 6am - 6pm 300 adults
200 students
 1 hour? once at the site

takes a good 45 minutes to an hour to get there
Toei Uzumasa
Movie Mueseum

Click Here to see site


Known as the Hollywood of Japan
37 - 45 minutes

 450 yen currently

CLICK ME for directions

A few visuals of Uzumasa;
DokoGa TV - Toei Uzumasa Eigamura Part 1
DokoGa TV - Toei Uzumasa Eigamura Part 2

 9am - 5pm

General admission is 2,200 yen.

Junior/Senior high school students 1,300 yen
Additional fees required for historical costumes, disguises, and attractions.


 2 hrs +
1 hr 30 min if we walk and look around
( Hello Kitty) Store,
Vivitix Kyoto
 Get off on Hachijo entrance, Vivitix Kyoto is in a department store ( Avanti I believe) close to the station. Vivitix stores also carry other cute products along with Sanrio merchandise. webpage with map:  
list of other Sanrio stores if you want to take a look at their other stores:  
Vivitix online Rakuten store: 

Note from PV: Avanti is a department store located across the street from the back side of Kyoto Station.  I think that Avanti also has a great bookstore within it.

10 AM-9PM  no general admission, just bring spending  money! 45 mins.- one hour  1.5 hours to leisurely shop.  Marina/?
 Jonangu Shrine




 9:00 - 16:30 (entry by 16:00)

This site it really far south and not near any other things that we will visit.  Is there a special reason why you think we should include it on our itinerary?
 Free (500 yen for adults to enter gardens)  1 hr  1 hr  Felicitas
 Takayama Old Town/ Jinya/Jinya market  (old town) (Jinya) ten minute walk from Takayama station (Jinya market) 

 shops  8 am to 5 pm.

jinya market:  6 am to noon

 Jinya government:  8:40 am to 5  pm

old town: free
jinya: 420 yen

   2 -3 hours  Gracie
10-15 minute walk south of Kintetsu Nara station
  • former merchant district of Nara; it has shops, eateries, and museums
  • Attractions: Gangoji temple, Koshi-no-ie Residence (merchant house), Naramachi Shiryokan (monkey museum), Imanishike Shoin Residence (gardens, sweets, and tea) 

Gangoji: 9 am to 5 pm
 Koshi-no-ie: 9 am to 5 pm
 Naramachi Shiryokan:  10 am to 4 pm
 Imanishike Shoin:  10 am to 3:30 pm

 Gangoji: 400 yen

Koshi-no-ie: free

Naramachi Shiryokan: free

Imanishike Shoin: 350 yen
   1.5-2 hours  Gracie
 Nara park
5 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara station

looks like a good picnic location 

 40 minutes  none?
 Higashiyama District

historic district: old shops, teahouses, and shrines

10-15 minute walk from kiyomizu-gojo station, more expensive to take the green line to Higashiyama exit (look at map)


We have to walk along this to get to Kiyomizu- VERY Fun and long, hot, uphill walk!

Suggest walk first to Kiyomizu, early in the day and take time descending and shopping.PV

- PV

 Yasaka Shrine: open always
Kodaiji Temple: 9 am to 5:30 pm
Yasaka Pagoda: 10 am to 4 pm
Kiyomizudera Temple: 6am to 6 pm

 Yasaka shrine: free

Kodaiji Temple: 600 yen

Yasaka Pagoda: 400 yen

Kiyomizudera Temple: 300 Yen


   2-3 hours  Gracie
 Shopping area along shijo street

The shopping area along Shijo Street is centered around the intersection of Shijo and Kawaramachi streets where you will find the Takashimaya and Marui (opens spring 2011) department stores. A Daimaru department store, as well as high end fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, stand nearby. If you continue along Shijo Street across the Kamo River toward Yasaka Shrine, the large stores give way to smaller shops selling fashion and Kyoto specialty foods and crafts.

Branching off Shijo Street around the Kawaramachi intersection are the Teramachi and Shin Kyogoku Shopping Arcades. These two parallel running, covered pedestrian streets, are packed with shops and restaurants that sell day-to-day clothes and goods and draw a younger crowd than the more upscale stores along Shijo Street. Also found in the area, Nishiki Market, a colorful narrow food market street known as "Kyoto's Kitchen", runs about a block off parallel to Shijo Street.

 Read more:

  • Address
    • Shijō Tominokōji kado Shimogyō-ku
  • Transport
    • 1min walk from Kawaramachi Station, Hankyū Kyoto line
  • Phone
    • tel, info: 075 221 8811
  • Hours
    • 10:00-20:00, restaurants 10:00-22:00

  •  free except for spending money you would want to bring

     2ish hours?  ???
     Nishiki Food Market


    Hours:Varies by store, typically 9:00 to 18:00
    Closed:Varies by store, typically Wednesday or Sunday

     No Entry fee

     1 hour

    2 with lunch

    shops also around the market


    Yoshikien Garden

    Dibutsuden HallHours:
    7:30 to 17:30 (April to September)

    No Closing Days

     500 yen

    need three hours minimum

      100 yen store- There is one across from Kyoto Station and another, said to be the largest near Nijo Castle.