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Meetings- Parents

Tuesday, May 15th, 6PM

Takayama Exchange May Meeting

  • NEISD policies
  • Know thy child”  Help us know her or him

    Pamela Valentine or Ryan Sprott will check in with you several days before departure.  Please share insights that would help support your child in preparation for the trip and during travel.

    - Share with us how to tell if your child is stressed (they tell you, they get quiet, etc.)

    - The best way to support your child is......(give them space, talk to them, etc.)

    - Quirks/foibles that we should know about (easily gets lost or losses things, overly sensitive, shy, worries, etc.)
    - Concerns that you may have about the travel

  • Itinerary – 

Arrive at the United Terminal (?) by 5:15 am, with passport

Teachers will check everyone in.  Do not check yourself in online. Do not change your seats.  Because of the group reservation you could loose your place on the plane. We can move around once we board.

We will be a large group with parents and travelers.  Please be aware of others in the airport.  We will stay together and out of the way as we check in.  United shifted from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 last March so we are unsure which terminal it will be.  Please read airport signage or look for update closer to departure.


Day, Date



Departure City and Time

Arrival City and Time



Fri, 08JUN12



(SAT) 7:20 AM

(SFO) 9:08 AM


Fri, 08JUN12



(SFO) 11:24 AM

(KIX) 3:15 PM (09JUN)



Thu, 21JUN12



(KIX) 5:10 PM

(SFO) 11:12 AM



Thu, 21JUN12



(SFO) 1:31 PM

(SAT) 7:04 PM


10 days Takayama Home stay
3 nights stay in Kyoto, June 

1 day each way for travel
Students sign up to be lead tour guide:


Check the website for more detailed information about these topics:


  • Medications
    Students will carry their own medications.  Each student will give Ms. Valentine an inventory of medications, both non-prescription and prescription drugs, dosage and amount that they will carry with the.

    Anytime that a student takes a medication they are to tell their host family and one of the sponsors.  For example, the student has noticed that they are allergic and carry Allegra.  They will tell the host mother or father.  When they are in Kyoto on the field trip they will let one of the sponsors know.  Exceptions to this are daily medication that have already been indicated on the inventory list.

>>>>>>>>Complete the medications form by Tuesday, May 29th<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

On website.  https://docs.google.com/a/neisd.net/document/d/1lAihnK7YEJSPPtXe4zdal0LzLbryKTWkpFtu_K8ChP4/edit

Open. Save a copy. Complete and print.  Turn in a copy of the completed, typed form.

Everyone should bring these medications:

- ibuprofen or tylenol, what ever is used for headache
- antihistamine (lots of mold and new allergens),
- pepto bismol (or something for upsets stomach)
- Band-Aids

  • Post trip presentations to teachers and parents- Do parents and students want this?


Pamela Valentine

10-4 Information Meeting

Takayama Japan Exchange
Agenda and Meeting Notes 10-4-11

Takayama is located in the mountains west of Tokyo. Since the summer of 2000 the International School of the Americas has shared a rich history of experiences with Takayama Nishi High School.  It is a small private high school of about six hundred students.   This will be our seventh time ISA students have traveled to Japan.

Dates to travel:

            Depart SAT: Friday, June 8th (arrive Saturday, June 9th)

            Takayama Home stay: June 9th – 17st

            Depart: Takayama for Kyoto: Monday, June 18th

            Kyoto:  June 18th, 19st, 20th 

Depart Kyoto for Nagoya(or Osaka) to San Antonio, Thursday June 21th (arrive June 22nd )


The Japanese home stay experience is both exhilarating and challenging.  Students should have the physical and emotional health to participate in a home stay experience. As a guest in a family that may have limited English language skills, basic communication becomes both fun and sometimes stressful.  Students are expected to be open and to embrace a culture very different from their own. To best prepare for the experience, students are expected to participate in four or five pre-trip meetings held afterschool.  They will also meet post trip to present their experience to parents and to staff. 

There will be a final check-in and preparation meeting in late May or early June for both parents and students. Participants are asked to submit forms, documents, and payments in a timely manner.  

All NEISD guidelines and policies apply.  Please see the student handbook for details. While the trip will occur during the summer vacation, each student must pass all of his or her courses.  It is the students responsibility to maintain grades. 

Application Process: 

The group will be formed based on the following considerations:

1. Student’s physical and emotional ability to participate in an international travel and exchange

2. Student’s demonstration of interest and ability to participate in both pre, during, and post trip meetings and activities

3. Japanese language students are given priority

4. Teacher recommendation 
5. Grade level

5. Students/families who have hosted


There will be two online forms:


  1. Application – sharing basic information and why the student wishes to participate in the trip.  Due: Friday, October 21st  4PM 

  2. Detailed home stay information - This information is shared with the host family.  The information assists the host school to place our students.  Date to be announced.  It is usually not until the week before we travel.

If the student is selected to travel he or she is to bring the following to school by Friday, October 28.

Applications that are selected will provide the following:

  1. Passports: A copy of passport or birth certificate needs to be submitted with the deposit.  The correct spelling is needed to make reservations and purchase insurance.  If a passport is not yet available, please submit a copy of the birth certificate.  Apply for the passport.
  2. $50 non-refundable deposit

  3. Complete District travel forms

- Travel permission- due with deposit

-  Medical forms- due with deposit (If needed forms can be updated in May.)

Payment Schedule:  See “Japanese Exchange Trip costs 2012”  To be announced.  The cost will depend on the size of the group and current airline fees.  We can estimate land travel, ryokan in Kyoto, and other costs.  

Travel insurance: Each student will have travel and health insurance.  It is included in the cost.  We have used this company in the past and this link will give you an idea of the kind of coverage.http://www.internationalstudentinsurance.com/brochures/pdf/roundtrip.pdf


Japanese students wear uniforms and request that students also wear one during school hours.
Last year’s exchange students selected a uniform of green and blue plaid.  The group will meet and decide on the exact uniform.

boys: navy pants, white short sleeve button, collared shirt, black or plaid  tie, socks, and belt

girls: plaid, knee length skirt, white blouse, white socks

Shoes – outside pair of shoes and inside slippers for school – more details of packing to come later

Gifts – suggestions for families.  See: http://tw.neisd.net/webpages/pvalen


Email contact: Please have at least one family member who regularly checks their email.

HostingApplication to host visiting Japanese students will be posted later in the month.

Questions/comments: Later meetings:
Packing, travel documents, insurance forms, and uniforms


Pamela Valentine


210 - 549- 8680 (mobile) before 9PM

Room 113 or 213



Friday, October 21st 

Online Application Due 

See me in room 113 or 213 if you need help with the form.

Monday, November 7th

Selection of travel group notification

Thursday, November 17th

5:45 PM
 ISA 211  
Parents Meeting #1

$50 non-refundable deposit

Copy of passport or birth certificate (if you do not yet have your passport), medical and  travel permission forms due
Note: Travel permission forms need to be notarized.

Students and parents meet to get to know the group, discuss preparation for the trip and resources available.

Travelers’ Meeting #1


Set group norms
Introduction to home stay experience, gifts

Homework: create a digital profile of yourself that will be shared on a website

Travelers’ Meeting #2

Takayama Nishi High School

and city

Homework: research sites in Kyoto

Travelers’ Meeting #3


Kyoto – World Heritage sites


Homework: research Nara

Travelers’ Meeting #4



Preparation for home stay


Homework: lesson plan for pre-school

Parents Meeting #2

TBA-  late May 

Final trip logistics, packing tips, etc.