Takayama Nishi High School Homestay Exchange

The next Japanese exchange trip to Takayama is scheduled for June 2016.  Gather information about the trip by looking through this website.

Fushimi Inari Tori Gate
Takayama is located in the mountains west of Tokyo. Since the summer of 2000 the International School of the Americas has shared a rich history of experiences with Takayama Nishi High School.  It is a small private high school of about six hundred students.   This will be the eight time ISA students have travel to Japan.
Students and parents can use this site to discuss the trip and to share questions, thoughts, and resources.  Not familiar with using a shared web site?  Here are some of the basics:
1. Any content added to the site is related to the trip.
2. Questions, comments, resources added are for the group
3. Keep in mind that this is a public site.
4. You are set as a contributor to the site.  If you see a want to add a page  think about the logical place for it.
5. Tip:  Write text in a word processing program so that you can catch spelling and grammar errors.  Copy into a page.
6.  Credit your sources and put information into your own words.
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