Opportunities Calendar

Scroll down to view the ISA Service Program Calendar containing information on current and upcoming service opportunities. Many of these will be one time events/opportunities. In addition, you will see listings below the calendar with information on other opportunities around San Antonio. Students should remember to document and reflect on all of their service. 

If you are looking for a list of organizations who are in constant need of volunteers, visit the Ongoing Outside Opportunities page. Note: an ISA staff member or representative will not necessarily be present at these opportunities.

The list of service opportunities listed on the calendar below have been divided into two categories and are marked accordingly.
  • ISA Club Sponsored - an ISA staff member or representative will be present at these opportunities
  • Non-ISA Club Sponsored - an ISA staff member or representative will not necessarily be present at these opportunities

NOTE: We received a last minute request from Morgan's Wonderland (Non ISA Sponsored)

Volunteers are needed to play with children in Morgan's Wonderland while their parents attend on site at Morgan’s Wonderland medical seminars and participate in support groups. The children and their families are here for a conference on Ring 14, a chromosome disorder that causes developmental delays, epilepsy, and other problems in children. This should be an emotionally rewarding experience for volunteers, and they will incur no financial costs. The point of contact is Yssa (pronounced "Esa") DeWoody, the conference organizer, at 765-491-6910 or yssadewoody@gmail.comNo known restrictions on age, etc., for volunteers.

Please see the Other Opportunities and Organizations page for information on other local organizations you may partner with who are in constant need of volunteers.
 To request student volunteers or to get an event posted on the Service Program Calendar, please complete the Contact Us form.