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Google Docs: a love letter

Introducing a New Google Docs

24 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom
by Tom Barrett,

How to upload, create, and share using Google Docs
by Mike Kaechele, Concrete Classroom

How to use Google Docs to add links or embed in wikispaces
by Mike Kaechele, Concrete Classroom

Create and Publish a Quiz in Google Docs

How to use the Google Docs Word Cloud Gadget

Google Docs Overview for Educators

Google Doc Tutorials

Select from the short videos below to learn how to:

  • Import files into Google Docs
  • Export files from Google Docs
  • Create a new Google Doc
  • Create a new Google Doc from a template
  • Share a Google Doc
  • Chat with collaborators in Google Docs
  • Use revision history in Google Docs
  • Publish a Doc
  • Create a new Google Presentation
  • Embed content in a Google Presentation
  • Print a Google Presentation
  • Print settings for document annotations in Google Docs
  • Look up a word in Google Docs
  • Use the Equation Editor in Google Docs
  • Translate a word, phrase, or document in Google Docs
  • Upload, Share and Link to a Document Using Google Docs
  • Work offline - using Google Docs without the Internet

Google Spreadsheets Tutorials

Select from the short videos below to learn how to:

  • Create a new Google Spreadsheet
  • Share a Google Spreadsheet
  • Create a Form in Google Docs
  • Send a Form to participants
  • View Form responses
  • Insert a chart into a Google Spreadsheet
  • Auto-fill cells in a Google Spreadsheet
  • Using Google Forms to Create an online Quiz

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