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Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff  

Diigo is a free social bookmarking, research, and knowledge sharing tool.   It is a tool that goes beyond bookmarking and setting favorites.

Getting started: ISA Staff Development

 Create a diigo account using your neisd email address.  Request an educator account

Create a student group

Students: ISA will make accounts for all students. Look for an email about diigo. If you already have an account it can be transferred into your new one.

Helpful Links

Digolet - How to add diigo to your favorites in Internet Explorer

Tools: There are many options for aps.  Be sure to read the comments and select for yourself.
Iphone offline reader

Diigo Step 2 - Department Meetings

Big Picture: 4 Approaches to using Diigo

  • Teacher to Teacher
  • Teacher to Student
  • Student to Teacher
  • Student to Student

1) Review all basics from first workshop

2) Learn to give/get to/from groups

Share to group (Asia Society ISSN)

Search group library by tags (use plus symbol for multiple tags)

Add bookmarks from group to own library (without leaving the group page)

3) Managing and maintaining your library/tags

Using the advanced view

Editing tags (keeping tags consistent puts everything in the same place)

4) Classroom applications

Sharing tagged sites to students using the URL

Having students discuss and collaborate using highlighting and sticky notes

Subpages (1): Account Request