Supply List

Team Supplies: 
Please bring these to your first sophomore team teacher on the first day of school: Kleenex, paper towels, box of pencils, package of glue sticks
Also, choose one of the following to bring: a package of expo dry-erase markers (low odor) OR a box of regular markers OR a box of colored pencils

**You will need to replenish your own notebook paper, pens, and pencils throughout the year**

Bound composition notebook for lab activities and reports. 
Something to keep class notes and returned work in (spiral, 3-ring binder, folder, etc.)
Roll of paper towels.

Pen or Pencil and notebook paper are needed every day!
Library book, book you borrowed from an individual, book you own, or ebook should be with you at all times.

A composition notebook (for class notes)
A folder or binder (for homework and returned assessments - choose whichever will help you stay more organized)
Pencils are needed every day!

World History: 
Notebook paper
Optional: Barron's AP World History Study Guide