Supply List

Team Supplies: 
Please bring these to your first sophomore team teacher on the first day of school: Kleenex, paper towels, box of pencils, package of glue sticks
Also, choose one of the following to bring: a package of expo dry-erase markers (low odor) OR a box of regular markers OR a box of colored pencils

**You will need to replenish your own notebook paper, pens, and pencils throughout the year**

  • Bound composition notebook for lab activities and reports. 
  • Something to keep class notes and returned work in (spiral, 3-ring binder, folder, etc.)
  • Roll of paper towels.

  • Pen 
  • Composition notebook for journal that you will leave in class
  • Library book, book you borrowed from an individual, book you own, or ebook should be with you at all times.

Math (Geometry):
  • Three ring binder (with divider labels: Tools of Geometry, Lines and AnglesLogic and Proof, Triangles, Triangle Concurrency)
  • Composition notebook OR spiral notebook
  • Pencils

Math (Algebra II):
  • Three ring binder ( with divider labels: Functions, Equations and Inequalities, Systems and Matrices, Quadratic Graphs, Quadratic Equations)
  • Composition notebook OR spiral notebook 
  • Pencils
World History: 
  • Notebook paper
  • Optional: AP World History Study Guide (Barron's, Princeton, Crash Course, etc...)