A portfolio is a carefully selected collection of student work designed to demonstrate competence in a specific content area. 


 ISA has designed a four-year portfolio experience to provide students with the comprehensive means to analyze their growth over four years in the academic areas of English Language Arts, Math, History/Social Studies, Technology, World Language, Science, Fine Arts, and Global Leadership as well as Habits of Mind.


Each academic area consists of a set of performance outcomes, or the knowledge, skills, and/or behaviors students must master in that content area.  


Students collect and store work using their ISA Google Docs account.  Google Docs serves as the students' workspace.


Throughout the year, students will be asked to post work in their NEISD blog.  Student blogs are where they showcase selected pieces of their work and reflect on what they learned. 


Freshman Year


Sophomore Year


Junior Year


Senior Year


Using feedback on the rubric (ELA, math, history/social studies, technology, world language, science, global leadership, and fine arts) they received from junior teachers, peers, and ISA community members, seniors will identify areas of proficiency areas and areas that they are approaching proficiency.  Using this feedback and working with their senior teachers and advisor, seniors will design unique curricular experiences individually and in collaboration with others to help them demonstrate proficiency in all of the performance outcomes.  Students are also encouraged to choose an internship experience that will also allow them to demonstrate proficiency in identified performance outcomes. All of the student's work during senior year is the final preparation for students Graduation Portfolio, a collection of artifacts that evidences proficient or advance competence in the eight sets of performance outcomes.


As students thoughtfully and actively participate in the process, they will engage in a reflexive, recursive, ongoing process of learning, that when undertaken in earnest, will serve as the foundation for success in the interconnected world of the 21st century.


The portfolio is a demonstration that our graduates are prepared for success in college or post-secondary pursuits, as well as success in the world at large.