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ISA Mission Statement

The mission of the International School of the Americas (ISA) is to challenge all members of the school community to consistently reflect on and question what it means to be acting at one’s fullest potential as a learner, leader, and global citizen.  Students and teachers are asked to use their education to improve themselves, their school, and the local and global community. 

An ISA Graduate
The International School of the Americas pledges to graduate reflective life-long learners, individuals who approach each new experience mindful of previous learning and open to the possibilities of new learning and growth. 
  • Life-long learners are conscientious citizens who actively participate in their local and global communities because they realize they are part of an interdependent world.
  • Life-long learners are inquisitive and seek to investigate and make meaning of the world around them.
  • Life-long Learners recognize different perspectives and seek to understand the opinions, viewpoints, and philosophies of others.
  • Life-long learners actively engage in dialogue as a means of resolving conflict recognizing that often the most positive outcomes are achieved through discussion and mutual agreement.
  • Life-long learners are creative in their approach to solving problems; they rely on a wide array of background knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines and creatively combine that knowledge to generate new and productive outcomes.
Equipped with all of this knowledge and all of these skills, life-long learners are poised to be leaders and change agents in their spheres of influence.  
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