Why We Travel to Alabama

Click HERE to see the slideshow of trip information from the 2016 Report Card Night. A NEW slideshow for the 2017-2018 school year will be posted after the first report card night on Thursday, October 26th, 2017.

This site is a place for parents and students to refer to throughout the semester for reference regarding itinerary, payment options and questions, and photos & updates during the trip!


The Junior year is centered around the theme of Social Justice and what those terms really mean through the lens of history and modern day issues.   This theme emphasizes the significance of empathy, strength, hope, perseverance, and dreams in the context of human rights.  In order for students to truly begin to understand the struggle for civil rights we will travel to Alabama for a week.   We will see a Civil War battlefield, tour churches that were major meeting centers during the Movement, wander through the Jazz Hall of Fame, speak with current Civil Rights experts, and much more.  These experiences allow students to build their understanding of race issues concerning the United States after the Civil War.  Students should become cognizant of how the intense discrimination against the African American community effected the country and the steps taken to erase such outrageous prejudice.  All in all, this trip will encourage students to build community while learning with their peers and prove to be a lot of fun as well!  

Below you will find a summarized itinerary.  To see the full extended schedule, please refer to the Resources Page for last year's itinerary. The itinerary for this year will be available in November.

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017: Large suitcase check-in during the late morning and early afternoon at the ISA Science Building.

Sunday, Nov. 12:  Depart in the early morning for Vicksburg, MS, stopping in Austin, TX at the LBJ Presidential Library en route. Dinner will be in Monroe, LA on the way and we will be spending the night in Vicksburg, MS.

Monday, Nov. 13:  Visit the Vicksburg Cemetery and National Military Park.  Drive to Birmingham, AL.  Spend the night in Birmingham.

Tuesday, Nov. 14:  Visit the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, 16th Street Baptist Church, Civil Rights Institute & Children's March Panel, and Kelly Ingram Park.  Spend the night in Birmingham.

Wednesday, Nov. 15:  Drive to Montgomery, AL.  Visit Dexter Avenue Church and the Civil Rights Memorial Center (connected to the Southern Poverty Law Center).  Spend the night in Montgomery.

Thursday, Nov. 16:  Meet with Rev. Bob Graetz and Dr. Howard Robinson to discuss Alabama Civil Rights.  Depart for Selma.  Visit the Voting Rights Interpretative Center and the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Depart for San Antonio on our overnight bus ride!

Friday, Nov. 17:  Arrive in San Antonio