ISA Advisory Global Impact/Land Mines Money Raised as of 7/3/11: $13,000 Goal:$20,000
Description of Unit: This series of activities is designed to help students understand their impact on the world through creating a presentation to solicit support for a land-mine detecting dog from the CHAMPS organization.

Task: Create a presentation (physical and/or virtual) for a chosen audience which raises awareness and fosters empathy about land mines around the world, provides information about the Champs organization, and encourages people to support this effort. 

Driving Questions:
  • How can students in the United States affect the lives of people in war-torn countries?
  • What is our responsibility to our global neighbors?
  • Why should we care about land mines in places where we’ll never be?

Enduring Understandings:
  • We are well-protected from the consequences of war.
  • There is a physical legacy of war in many countries.
  • Humanitarian efforts take a large amount of energy and money to be effective.
  • You can channel efforts to existing organizations that are already doing good work.
  • Collective effort is more powerful than individual effort.
  • There is more to supporting a cause than raising money.
  • People will listen to students.

Content: Information about landmines and CHAMPS.

Standards Addressed: Global Leadership Performance Outcomes—Take Action and Investigate the World

Major Experiences:  Landmine simulation (entry event), Create and present to chosen audience with the goals of generating funds for CHAMPS.

Assessment: Presentation and amount of money collected

Time Frame: 7 advisories:  
December 14th, January 4th,January 18th, January 25th,
February 1st, April 5th