Guiding Questions

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

Our Main Destination @ Heifer Ranch:  
  • What does it feel like to live with limited resources?  
  • How does collaboration increase your odds of survival?
  • Can I cook my own food, take care of my chores, and get along with my "family"?
  • In a complex world of nearly 7 billion people, how can we find solutions to the challenges of hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation?
  • If there is enough for all, why don't all have enough?

Side Trips:

    @ Heifer Headquarters in Little Rock
  • How did Heifer International get started?
  • How does Heifer work today?
  • What are sustainable ways to raise food?
  • How can an office building be designed with high energy efficiency?

   @ The Clinton Library
  • How does a museum use artifacts to archive historical events?
  • Why are artifacts valuable?

   @ Little Rock's Central High School National Monument
  • Who were the Little Rock Nine?
  • How did their actions contribute to the Civil Rights movement?