• What about medication
    • Teachers will carry five over-the-counter medications which can be dispensed at the student's request (provided we have a permission slip on file).  These are acetaminophen, ibuprofen (for pain or fever), loperamide HCl (for diarrhea) and diphenhydramine (for allergic reactions).
    • Other OTC meds will need to be turned in during the check-in process on the night of our departure.  Each item will be placed in a baggie with your child's name on it, along with a form that includes exactly when and how the medication should be given.  Please do not include the items listed above.
    • Any homeopathic remedies not approved by the FDA may not be brought on the trip without a note from a physician.  
    • Prescription medications will also need to be turned in.  These items must be in the original packaging with the student's name on each one.  We can only take the exact number of doses that are to be given during the trip.  Please count out exactly how much the student will be needing to take on our trip and keep the rest at home.  
    • A limited number of medications can be carried by a student: for example, asthma inhalers and epipens (if the school nurse has a self-carry form on file) and hormone therapy. The school nurse must have the self-carry form on file no later than 10 days prior to our departure.
    • When we return, teachers must hand leftover medication (if any) to a parent. 

  • What are the sleeping arrangements
    • The staff at Heifer Ranch decides which students stay in which dwellings.  We do not.
    • ISA teachers, interns, and parents will stay in the dwellings with the students and determine a method for separating boys and girls.
    • On the bus, boys and girls sit in separate sections after dark.  It is ALWAYS school policy on the bus that only one person sits in each seat and no one can share a blanket.

  • What if I need to contact my child?
    • During our Little Rock time, students will have their phones, although they may not always be able to respond immediately.  Just like at school, there are times when they will be engaged in learning experiences and using phones would be a distraction.
    • Once we check in to Heifer, phones will be collected.  Teachers will keep their phones, and should an emergency arise, you can contact one of us.
    • If you cannot reach a teacher, call the school:  356-0900.

  • Will they miss work in their non-core classes?
    • Yes.  They need to make up their work, or ask for it in advance if possible. 
    • This trip was scheduled months ago to conflict with the fewest number of extracurricular activities.