During the fall of 2010 ISA began a sister school relationship with Jiamusi No. 1 High School in Heilongjiang Province

Jiamusi #1 High School Exchange

 If you view the above link in Chrome it will translate to English.        

Jiamusi is located in the far northeast corner of China, 

Students and parents can use this site to discuss hosting and to share questions, thoughts, and resources.  Not familiar with using a shared web site?  Here are some of the basics:
1. Any content added to the site is related to the trip.
2. Questions, comments, resources added are for the group
3. Keep in mind that this is a public site.
4. You are set as a contributor to the site.  
5. Tip:  Write text in a word processing program so that you can catch spelling and grammar errors.  Copy into a page.
6.  Credit your sources and put information into your own words.
7.  Check that your parents have given you permission to have your photograph on the internet.  Any teacher can look at your AUP and tell you.  If you do not have permission, or maybe don't want your picture on this site, create an avatar (http://avatarmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml ).

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