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Our goal as a district with the distribution of iPads is to enhance creation, collaboration, and communication amongst our students and teachers.iPads inspire creativity and hands-on learning. These devices promote student engagement with content in interactive ways. Here you can find a variety of information to help you seamlessly integrate iPads into your classroom.

Appy Lesson of the Month


iOS 9. Update:

Apple has come out with their new operating system. Please do NOT update your iPads to the latest operating system.

Here are 5 iPad tips you may or may not know. (Taken from TCEA TechNotes Blog)

Text Too Small

If you’re having trouble reading text, you can make the text bigger for apps like Mail, Calendar, and Notes by going to Settings — Display & Brightness — Text Size. Then just drag the slider bar to the right. You can also increase the text size in some other apps by going to Settings — General — Accessibility — Larger Text. Then turn Larger Text Accessibility Sizes on and slide the bar to increase text size.

​Recover Deleted Emails

If you accidentally deleted an email message from your iPad, you can easily recover it just by shaking the device (hold on to it firmly!) like an Etch-a-Sketch and tapping Undo.

​Talk Instead of Type

Instead of typing in a message in Notes, email, Messages, or any other app that pulls up the iOS keyboard, you can simply tap the microphone icon on the keyboard (next to the space bar on the bottom row) and dictate your message. When you’re finished, tap Done.

​Need a Timer?

For a fast visual timer, go to the Clock app and select Timer. This is great for classroom projects.

​They’re a Drain

To find out which apps are draining your battery, go to Settings — General — Usage — Battery Usage. The screen may take a few minutes to load, but will then show you the biggest battery hogs.

​For a Quick Charge

If you need to recharge quickly, put your iPad into Airplane Mode in Settings and it will charge twice as fast.

For more ideas on how to use your iPads to support your classroom curriculum, please visit my blog. Hover over iPad in the main navigation menu and select "Rock Your iPad". OR, just reply to this email and we can plan together. http://mooreti.edublogs.org/

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