Ask Your Student...

"How was your trip?"
"What did you do."
"You, know...stuff."

If your student comes home from our trip bubbling with stories and information, that's wonderful; let them talk and soak it in! If the conversation above sounds more like your experience, you may have to ask specific (preferably open-ended) questions. Here are a few suggestions to get the conversation going.

  1. Look at the trip itinerary and ask about specific items. "What did you do at Jemez Pueblo?" "What was the most fun at White Sands?"
  2. Ask about meals. It sounds strange, but talking about where and what they ate and who they ate with will often trigger stories about the social aspects of the trip.
  3. Ask to see your student's trip journal. He or she will be turning it in for a grade, so it will have been written with an audience in mind. You can use the entries in the journal to ask about specific learning experiences on the trip.

Talking about the trip is not only fun, but a great way to cement the learning that took place. Take time to ask and listen to your student's stories. You'll be glad you did.