October 26 Report Card Night Presentation

The forms below must be on file with the nurse no later than November 3 if your child needs to self-carry a medication. They must be signed by a doctor.

Link to Asthma Action Plan form 

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As sophomores, you will spend considerable time across the curriculum investigating cultural diffusion and identity construction in historic, contemporary, local, and global contexts. This is achieved by exploring your and your classmates' heritages and identities, extensively reading and researching diverse cultural histories, and participating in a class trip along the historic Camino Real to visit Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico. From these endeavors, you will recognize history as a living force and analyze the processes that construct our social and physical world.

Through the project, you will become active creators of your cultural history. This process occurs through analyzing cultural creation from a historical lens by exploring local landmarks including the West Side Murals. Connecting these local experiences to the travel north along the Camino Real into New Mexico, you will examine the relationships between assimilation and acculturation, cultural loss, and reclamation. You will use these rich academic experiences to spark your own agency as cultural creators as you reflect on your lives, your families, and your culture to eventually create an advocacy campaign for a global people currently facing cultural loss.


Work (l to r) courtesy of Nicole V, Grace H., Katie W.

San Antonio

Photographs (l to r) courtesy of Alejandro E., Grace H., Diana O.

New Mexico

Photographs courtesy of Bonnie B.