Welcome and Purpose

Steve Magadance: Assistant Principal at ISA

Welcome to my site!  I hope to use this site to share my adventure to China this summer.  I will be traveling in Beijing and the Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces from June 21 to July 2.  There are several purposes for the trip:

I will formally participate as member of the 2010 Chinese Bridge Delegation: Taking the Next Step to strengthen the development of Chinese language programs and partnerships.  This program is organized by the cooperation of the College Board and HANBAN,

I will also serve as an ambassador for the International School of the Americas(ISA) as we participate in the Confucius Classroom Project coordinated by the Asia Society to foster partnerships between schools in the United States and China, and

Finally, I will consume vast quantities of visual, auditory, tactile, and intellectual stimuli as a total tourist in a place I have never visited:)!