Thank you for
 visiting the Northeast Health Resource Center! Since 1985 we have striven to provide the community with resources that are desperately needed, but sometimes not affordable to all.

Our Goals include:
- share relevant information about health resources
- communicate upcoming health events
- serving as a referral service
- partnering with health organizations
- fostering better health overall

About Our Organization
    Originally founded in Portland (OR), we now span over four states.  We are proud of the fact that we provide a valuable resource to our communities which we serve.

    At the heart of what we do, is attempt to create lasting projects that will serve other for years to come.  
Become a Volunteer
    Do you live in one of the areas we service and are passionate about community service?
    Do you strive to help others live better lives through education and personal commitment?
    If so, please consider being a part of our team.  Fill out a Volunteer Application today!

Partner with the NEHRC
    Do you have an event coming up and would like the NEHRC to attend?  
    Do you need help locating a a guest speaker or health professional? 
    We can help!  We will help with your event in any way that we can! Contact us with the information and let us see if we can partner together today!