About Me

I grew up here, in Negaunee. When I was young I always told my grandpa that when I grew up I was going to be his chair-side assistant (he was a dentist), after he retired I had to modify my plans! In elementary school my interest in the medical field started to grow. I think it was in Mrs. Soine's third grade class I decided I was going to be a nurse or a teacher. My love of math and science continued to grow throughout my school career. When I was in high school, science started to take the lead as my favorite subject, especially biology, chemistry was a close second though. It was in late middle school and high school that I started to aspire to become a doctor (especially after I found out how much I enjoyed learning about anatomy and physiology). After high school I went to college at Michigan Technological University with a major in Biological Sciences and a premed (premedical) concentration. After a couple of years in college, some "growing up" and really thinking about what I wanted my life and future to look like, I decided life as a doctor was not what I really wanted; what I really wanted was to teach. I switched my concentration to secondary education and continued in my major. I student taught at Westwood High School and graduated from MTU with the following degree: a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, a concentration in secondary education with a general science minor.

I knew that I wanted to stay in the UP and I was lucky enough that there was an opening here in Negaunee. I was hired as a 7th and 8th grade general science teacher. After 5 years at the middle school, during which I was married and my husband and I adopted a dog (Pockets-she is a black lab/springer mix), I was moved up to the high school to teach physical science. This year (2018/2019) will be my ninth year at the high school and throughout the last eight years I have taught physical science, biology, and a math/science directed studies. In 2014 my husband and I had our first child, Astrid, and this spring we had our second, Simon.

When I was growing up, I heard the following statement every morning before I left the house:

    Work hard, learn lots, and help others!

A statement to live by and a great way to start the day. Why bring this up? you ask...this statement applies to everyone, everyday, no matter what our circumstances. I have high expectations for myself and my students; I respect myself, you, the people I work with, your parents, and our community so-much-so, that we will all rise to those expectations and maybe even exceed them. We just always have to keep that statement in mind...work hard, learn lots, and help others!