Homework/Lesson Plans

Week of: 2/11
Monday:  Students will work on Review Guide for Chapter 1/ Finnish Study Guide
Tuesday:  We will review for the chapter one test/ Study for test
Wednesday: Students will take the chapter 1 Test/ No homewrok
Thursday:   Mini Lesson on six Nutrients/Intro to Nutrient project/ No Homework
Friday:  Research Nutrients in class/ No Homework

Week of:  2/18
Monday:   Group planning time for presentations/ 
Tuesday:    Lesson 3/Group planning time for presentations/ Questions 1-6 completed for tomorrow
Wednesday:  Fats/carbs competition/Planning time/ My Plate Lesson
Thursday: Last day for planning/Digestive system drawing
Friday: Nutrient presentations/ no homework (second Semester no school)

Week of:  2/26
Monday: Nutrient Presentations/ No homework( NO school Second semester)
Tuesday: Nutrient Presentations
Wednesday: Nutrient Presentation
Thursday: Lesson 4/5 form the book
Friday: Review guides handed out in class/ need to be finished for the following Monday

Week of:  3/4

Monday: Review for Test/ Study for Test
Tuesday:  Test for chapter 4           
Wednesday:    Test Make-ups  
Thursday: Summary of next unit-Explain importance of each system
Friday: Target Heart Rate Lesson

Week of: 3/11

Monday:  Skeletal System Drawings due Tuesday
Tuesday: Cover Lesson 1/ Muscular system drawings
Wednesday: Skeletal/Muscular System Lesson
Thursday:   Skeletal System Quiz
Friday:  Path of blood through the Heart Diagram

Week of:  3/18

Monday:  Second flow of blood worksheet
Tuesday: Discuss path of blood through the heart /Muscle/Bone review
Wednesday: Muscular/Skeletal system Review/Big Heart-3 kinds of muscles
Thursday:   Heart Quiz
Friday:  Lesson 4/5 read and answer questions  

Week of:  4/1

Monday:   Review Target Heart Rate Lesson-No homework
Tuesday:     Review Guides to be completed for tomorrow           
Wednesday:   Review for chapter 3 Test- study for Test    
Thursday:   Chapter 3 Test Day 
Friday:  Mak-up Tests?

Week Of:  4/8
Monday: Reproductive Health Pre-Test /start Notes for Lesson 1-3(p.154-167
Tuesday: Continue Notes 
Wednesday: Specify notes and let them finish (Ten MInutes)/Quiz/ Read Lesson 4
Thursday: Teacher covers Lesson 1-4 
Friday: Questions from Chapter 6 Lesson 1-4

Week Of:  4/15

Monday:  read lesson 1 and 4 from chapter 12 (1-7 Questions)(Lesson four?)
Tuesday:  Ch.6/Chapter 12 Review from book/go over questions from chapter 6 and 1-7 from chapter 12
Wednesday: Review guides for chapter 6 and 12
Thursday: post test for reproductive health
Friday: Read Lesson 1 Chapter 10/ Take notes from the lesson to use towards a quiz (Moved to Monday because sub didn't follow plans)

Week Of:  4/22

Monday: Draw/Label/Color Respiratory system on page 278/include descriptions from page 279----Tuesday 11/20
Tuesday: Quiz from lesson 1 chapter 10/Questions 1-5 p. 277----Wednesday 11/21
Wednesday: Read 287-291/ Answer questions----Monday11/26
Thursday:Thanksgiving Break
Friday:Thanksgiving Break

Week Of:  4/29

Monday: Smoking: Truth or Dare video----Tuesday 11/27
Tuesday: Anti-tobacco message research/second hand smoke dvd----Wednesday 11/28
Wednesday: Anti tobacco message create-----Thursday 11/29
Thursday:  Tobacco facts sheet/ Chapter 10 Review from book-----Friday 11/30

Week Of:  5/6
Monday: Review guides + review for Test (Wednesday 12/5)
Tuesday:  Target heart rate lesson in gym
Wednesday:  Chapter 10 test  Review Guides
Thursday: Test for Chapter 10
Friday: Test make-ups Read lesson 1 and 2 (300-308) from chapter 11/Answer questions 1-6 on page 303/answer questions 1-6 on page 308

Week Of:  5/13
Monday: Research fo projects
Tuesday:   Research + Start putting project together
Wednesday:Finish putting together Projects
Thursday:  read Lesson 3 (From 309-312)/ Answer questions (1-7) /Start Drug Chart
Friday: Continue and finish drug charts

Week Of: 5/20
Monday: Lesson 4 (p.313) answer 1-6 finish up presentations/projects
Tuesday: Read pages 318-323/Answer questions 1-7
Wednesday: Presentations
Thursday: Presentations
Friday: Presentations

Week of:  5/27

Monday: No School
Wednesday: Read chapter 11/Take some notes on the 3 most important things from each lesson
Thursday: Go over the three most important things from each Lesson/ Chapter 11 review from the book
Friday: Review Guide for Chapter 11

Week of:  6/3

Tuesday: Review for Chapter 11 Test
Wednesday: Test Chapter 11
Thursday: Make-up day for Chapter 11 Test
Friday: Hand out post test Review Guide

Week of:  

Monday: Start Drawings/Review for Post Test
Tuesday: Post Test
Wednesday: Collect Books
Thursday: Move Rooms

Week of: