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Jr. High and High School Counselor, Ms. Julie Cloud

Scholarship Opportunities:

Please Note: Local scholarship awards are chosen by the individual scholarship committees and may or may not have an application process.

Updated Link for DAR Scholarships:

Elks Club Scholarship Due November 1, 2019

OppU Scholarship

Due March

Due Jan.

Missouri State University Leadership Scholarship:

10 Words or Less Scholarship-Deadline January 29

Arkansas State Privately Funded scholarships: Due Feb. 1:

Coca Cola Scholarship Program Due October 31, 2018 (scholarships for students in various organizations)

The Hagan Scholarship

American Welding Scholarship

Mike Rowe Foundation Scholarship

MO Farm Bureau Scholarship for Vocational School

Old links.....Some may work if you feel like checking....the new ones I know work are above this.

Missouri Insurance Education Foundation Scholarship ProgramsUnited Producers

Voice of Democracy- Deadline November 1Prudential Spirit of Community Award- November 8National Beta Club Scholarship- Deadline November 19Soy Growers Scholarship- Deadline November 23Youth Volunteer Scholarship- Deadline November 29Good360 Sustainability Scholarship-Deadline November 30Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships-Deadline December 52017 Scholarship Points Awards-Deadline December 8James L. and Nellie M. Westlake Scholarship ProgramFlosum Scholarship-Deadline December 15Solution Reach Scholarship-Deadline December 18Crosslites Scholarship-Deadline December 31GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship- Deadline January 7Missouri 4H- Application window January 1 to April 1Ava's Grace- Application window January 15-April 15US JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Program- Deadline January 15Belcher Scholarship- Due January 15

ExploraVision Awards: Deadline, February 1Davidson Fellows Scholarships- Deadline: February 10You Deserve It Scholarship- Deadline February 15Project 21 Scholarship Program- Due March 1National Defense Transportation ASSN-Due March 1, 2017 Website still has 2014 date, but the information and application have not changedShell Oil Company Technical Scholarship- Deadline: March 3American Foreign Service Association Scholarship: Deadline March 6Josh Burson Memorial Scholarship- Deadline: March 23Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship: Deadline: March 30Multiple Missouri Scholarships- Various Due DatesMissouri Farm Bureau Scholarships- Various Due Dates, Various Missouri SchoolsOpaa- Deadline April 8Signet Classics Student Scholarship- Deadline: April 14Multiple endowed scholarships at TRC Due April 15, 2016Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors Scholarship Application- Deadline April 30Neelyville Booster Club Scholarship- Due April 30Moore Funeral Home- Due April 30Student Award Search Due May 23Global Lift Equipment Scholarship- Deadline: June 15SP Scholarship- Deadline June 15

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