NHS Athletics: Rockets Review

Boys Volleyball  (7-0)  Rockets ranked #2 by Mass HS Volleyball!
4/8/2015 @ Wellesley  W 3-0
4/10/2015 vs Natick  W 3-0

Girls Lacrosse  (3-0)  Girls Ranked #2 in the ESPN Boston Poll.  Will host #1 NDA Hingham on Saturday Night!  Katie Belval named Pre-Season All-State by ESPN Boston!
4/10/2015  @ Natick  W 13-2

Boys Lacrosse  (3-0) Boys Ranked in the Top 10 in Numerous Polls!
4/10/2015 vs Natick W 14-4
4/12/2015 @ Catholic Memorial  W 9-8 OT

Softball (1-0)

Boys Rugby (0-2)
4/8/2015 vs Belmont  L 27-12

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Additional sites to check for more in-depth information and stories are the Needham Times online at http://www.wickedlocal.com/needham/sports/high_school, Hometown Weekly http://hometownweekly.net/index145.htm the Needham Patch online at http://needham.patch.com/sports, and the Needham Channel YouTube site atwww.youtube.com/user/TheNeedhamChannel

NHS Athletic Events Schedule 4.13-4.26  (Through April Vacation) 
Home Varsity Events (All Other Home Events)
Away Varsity Events (All Other Away Events)
Home Varsity Night Events 
Northfield Mt. Hermon Ultimate Tournament
MSTCA State Pentathalon  
Andover Invitational Ultimate Tournament

Day, DateStartTeam(s)H/AOpponent(s)/EventLocationBus Depart
4/13/20153:45 PMBoys V/JV TennisAwayWellesley HSWellesley HS3:00 PM
4/13/20153:45 PMGirls V/JV TennisHomeWellesley HSV-NHS/ JV-Mills
4/13/20154:00 PMBoys V/JVVolleyballAwayNorwood HSNorwood HS3:00 PM
4/13/20154:15 PMGirls V/JV LacrosseHomeScituate HSNeedham/Memorial
4/13/20154:30 PMGirls Ultimate AHomeConcord-CarlisleDeFazio #1
4/14/20154:00 PMBoys V/JV LacrosseAwayBraintree HSBraintree HS2:45 PM
4/14/20154:00/5:15PMGirls V/JV LacrosseHomeBraintree HSNeedham/Memorial
4/14/20154:00/5:15PMBoys V/JV VolleyballAwayNatick HSNatick HS2:45 PM
4/15/20153:30 AMGirls Ultimate BAwayNewton North HSNewton North HS
4/15/20153:45 PMBoys V/JV TennisAwayBraintree HSBraintree HS2:45 PM
4/15/20153:45 PMGirls V/JV TennisHomeBraintree HSV-NHS/ JV-Mills
4/15/20153:45 PMBoys and Girls TrackAwayNatick HSNatick HS2:45 PM
4/15/20154:00 PMGirls Fr LacrosseHomeMedfield HSNeedham/Cricket
4/15/20154:00 PMBoys Var RugbyHomeXaverian Brothers HSNeedham/Memorial
4/16/20153:45 PMBoys V/JV TennisHomeBrookline HSV-NHS/ JV-Mills
4/16/20153:45 PMGirls V/JV TennisAwayBrookline HSBrookline/Waldstein3:00 PM
4/16/20154:00/5:30PMBoys V/JV LacrosseAwayWalpole HSWalpole HS3:00/4:15PM
4/16/20154:00 PMBoys Fr LacrosseHomeWalpole HSDefazio #2
4/16/20154:00/5:15PMGirls V/JV LacrosseHomeWalpole HSNeedham/Memorial
4/16/20154:00/5:15PMBoys V/JV VolleyballAwayBraintree HSBraintree HS2:45 PM
4/16/20154:00 PMBoys Ultimate BAwayBelmont HSBelmont HS2:45 PM
4/16/20154:00 PMGirls Ultimate AAwayAndover HSAndover HS2:45 PM
4/16/20154:00 PMGirls V/JV SoftballAwayFramingham HSFramingham HS2:45 PM
4/17/20153:45 PMGirls Fr LacrosseHomeBraintree HSNeedham/Cricket
4/17/20154:00 PMBoys Ultimate BAwaySomerville HSSomerville HS3:00 PM
4/18/20159:00 AMGirls Ultimate A & BAwayNorthfield Mt Hermon TournamentNorthfield Mountain HermonTBA
4/18/20155:00 PMGirls JV LacrosseHomeNotre Dame Academy--HinghamNeedham/Memorial
4/18/20156:30 PMGirls Var LacrosseHomeNotre Dame Academy--HinghamNeedham/Memorial
4/19/2015NO EVENTS
4/20/2015NO EVENTS
4/21/201510:00 AMBoys and Girls TrackAwayMSTCA State PentathalonNDA (Hingham)
4/21/20151:00 PMBoys V/JV BaseballHomeBoston English HSV-Memorial/ JV-DeFazio
4/21/20154:30 PMGirls Var LacrosseHomeHingham HSNeedham/Memorial
4/21/20155:00 PMBoys JV LacrosseHomeBishop GuertinNeedham/DeFazio
4/21/20156:30 PMBoys Var LacrosseHomeBishop GuertinNeedham/Memorial
4/22/201510:00 AMBoys and Girls Var TrackHomeMilton HSNeedham/DeFazio
4/22/20151:00 PMBoys V/JV BaseballHomeWest Roxbury SchoolV-Memorial/ JV-DeFazio
4/22/20155:00 PMGirls Var LacrosseAwayNorth Andover HSNo Andover HS3:30 PM
4/23/201511:00 AMGirls Var SoftballHomeMansfield HSNeedham/Claxton #1
4/23/20155:00 PMBoys JV LacrosseHomeWestford AcademyNeedham/Memorial
4/23/20156:45 PMBoys Var LacrosseHomeWestford AcademyNeedham/Memorial
4/24/2015NO EVENTS
4/25/20159:00 AMBoys Ultimate BAwayAndover InviteGreater Lawrence TechTBA
4/25/201511:00 AMBoys V/JV BaseballAwayWalpole HSWalpole/Bird10:00 AM
4/25/201511:00 AMGirls V/JV SoftballHomeWalpole HSNeedham/Claxton #1 & #2
4/25/20157:00 PMBoys V/JV LacrosseAwayXaverian Brothers HSXaverian HS5:45 PM
4/26/20159:00 AMBoys Ultimate AAwayAndover InviteGreater Lawrence TechTBA
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