“Science literacy is an important part of what it is to be an informed citizen of society.”  - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Mr. Robinson's Schedule (2018-2019)

 Period A - Honors Physics (Room 103)
 Period B Honors Physics (Room 103) 
 Period C - Prep
 Period D Honors Biology (Room 219)
 Period E - Honors Biology (Room 219)
 Period F - Prep 
 Period G - Honors Physics (Room 103)

I am generally available after school for extra help from 2:35-3:00 Monday-Thursday in either Room 219 or Room 103.  I can also be available sometimes for extra help before school Monday-Thursday by appointment.
Welcome to my website! You will find it an invaluable resource for your class.  Each class page will include:
    • Class policies and a syllabus.
    • An updated calendar detailing planned in-class activities and topics as well as daily homework assignments.  Due dates for projects/lab reports and quiz/test dates will also be displayed on the calendar
    • Electronic versions of all materials (handouts, notes, readings, etc.) used or assigned during class.
    • Supplemental materials (readings, links to websites, videos, etc.) that can be used to help you understand the topics discussed in class, review for tests or explore the topics that interest you in greater depth.