Event Planning Check-list

Cash Box


You need to have a cash box that has been provided by the Athletic office for every fundraising event you hold. 

The cash box must be signed out and signed back in to the Athletic office immediately before and immediately following any fundraising.

Each cash box contains $50 when it is signed out.  This money is to be used for making change and is deducted from the final total when the cash box is signed back in.

When you return the cash box, Ms. Cence issues a receipt for your deposit.  You must keep all of these receipts.

The treasurer must keep accurate and detailed records of all transactions involving Student Activity and Class Funds.

Click here to view the Cash Drawer Reconciliation Sheet and the Daily Tally/ Sales Sample sheet. Both MUST be filled in. Copies will be inside the cash box.


The following steps will lead you through the process of planning most events, including dances, performances, and any other fundraisers.


Consider the appropriate time, location (rain dates for outdoor events), and entrance fees (if applicable).


Plan a preliminary budget of expected costs and revenues; consider:



police detail (if needed – check with Grade Level Office)

tickets (remember that if you charge too much, people are less likely to attend)

entertainment (DJ, performers, etc.)

equipment purchase or rental



Fill out event request form from Ms. Cence at least three weeks in advance of the event (see Appendix). If you will be selling tickets, be sure to ask permission to use the cafeteria to sell tickets.


Advertise the event. Be creative; think more than just flyers:

posters (submit for approval in Athletic Office)



get popular people on board

morning announcements

announcements in classes


Request a building permit with Mrs. MacDonald in the Main Office if necessary.


Request police detail 7-10 days in advance by calling Needham Police (781-455-7570) if necessary.


Find teachers to chaperone. This should happen at least two weeks prior to the event. Usually teachers who teach your grade are more willing to volunteer.  For a large-scale event such as a dance or a performance, you should have five chaperones.


Get decorations. Note that you don’t have to buy things; use what you have from previous events and borrow from other people. Be realistic; a few holiday lights, balloons, and streamers will do the trick.


For specialized events, consider what particular equipment you might need.


For an off-campus event, request permission for carpooling (parents, teachers, or students) from Dr. Pizzi or Mr. Hauben.


If necessary, distribute and collect permission slips for participants in the event.


Arrange for food delivery or pick-up. Whenever you can, get donations from local businesses.  Don’t forget cups, napkins, plates, and plasticware.


Sell tickets (if applicable).

Buy tickets or have them printed should be requested through the Business Office, Ms. Cence can help with this.

Request use of a cashbox from Ms. Cence.

Make a schedule of who is responsible for selling the tickets and holding the cashbox for every single lunch of every day of ticket sales, including who is picking up and dropping off the cashbox.

Keep a record of ticket sales for each lunch/day.

Deposit money from sales every day and record amounts.

Consider whether to raise the price of tickets as the event approaches and/or at the door.


Confirm everything:




building permit (with correct times)

police detail


Assign tasks for the event.

cashbox pick-up and return


selling tickets at the door



Thank you cards for businesses who donate, chaperons, and anyone else who helped.


Announcement following the event.

money raised (for a fundraiser)

thank you for coming

Helpful Contacts:
Mrs. Langley (Athletics Secretary): Athletic Department Office



Whom Do We Call?

To Reserve Park Space (including Memorial Field):



Needham Park and Rec. Comm.

781 455 7521

(Mon-Fri. 8:30am-5pm)

Public Works Department

781 455 7548

Use for Memorial Field

Memorial Park: 92 Rosemary Street

781 455 7586


Building Permits

781 455 0442

Contact: Kim Taylor




To Request Police Detail:



Needham Police Department

781 455 7570

Usually 7-10 days in advance




To Order Food:



Brother’s Pizza

781 444 5060

Good prices

Cowlick’s Pizza

781 444 2660



781 444 0794


Domino’s Pizza

781 449 5599


Gianni’s Deli

781 453 1164


Hazel’s Bakery

781 444 4953

Small orders

Kosta’s Pizza

781 449 2255


Mighty Subs

781 449 9610


Needham House of Pizza

781 444 1139

Good prices

Nicholas’ Pizza

781 449 6303

Good prices

Town House of Pizza

781 444 4333


Panella’s Market

781 444 9718








Roche Bros

781 444 0411

Manager: Rich Broderick

Sudbury Farms

781 449 9180

Manager: Jim Healey




To get paper goods/decorations:



China Fair Inc. Paper Annex

 70 Needham St, Newton   617 332 1250

Office Hours Mon-Sat 9-5

Party Works

679 Highland Ave, Needham 781 449 9191




To inquire about a donation, ask for the manager.

Pizza places will donate in moderation; vary your selection.  Cowlick’s does not donate.

If a full donation is not possible, ask for a price reduction.

Both grocery stores are usually happy to donate.


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