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Sophomore year is one where most students are fine-tuning their academic strategies and are finding their academic and social footing.   Counselors continue to be available whenever a student may need support or have questions.  Our seminars during sophomore year focus on career exploration, as students are often beginning to consider their future beyond high school. 

We offer our career exploration seminar in conjunction with the Wellness Department, using Naviance as our platform.  This fun, interactive tool asks students to rate a variety of likes and dislikes and produces a list of careers that students can explore.  From circus clown to aeronautical engineer, students love seeing their results and exploring why a career landed on their list.  Naviance also gives information on education requirements and salaries one can expect in a particular career.   Students are given continuing access to this website after their seminar, so parents/guardians, ask your student to show you their list and keep cruising! 

Be sure to check our Guidance Newsletter for additional information and updates regarding standardized testing, ways to get involved and opportunities beyond the school day. 

Sophomore year is also a great time to engage in Community Service Learning!  

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