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Senior year is busy with final planning of college applications and/or setting up career or gap year plans.   Starting in September, counselors will hold large group seminars to teach you important steps in the college application process, including how NHS uses Naviance to submit electronic records to support your applications.  Attendance at this meeting is mandatory.  For parents, we hold our Senior Parent Night in September, offering parents/guardians the opportunity to hear directly from college admissions directors.  

Additionally, counselors will initiate meetings with each student to help students finalize their applications or postsecondary planning.   These appointments stretch from September through December, so please be patient while you wait for you appointment.  If you're anxious just visit your counselor to learn your scheduled time. 

Below is a list of links that will be helpful to you in your search and application process:

The main NHS resource for exploring, building a list and managing your applications.

Registration sites for SAT, ACT and TOEFL and testing optional resources.

Links to NCAA and Test Optional List

Links to college and university websites and The Common Application.

Links to FAFSA and scholarship resources.

Information about gap year and volunteer programs.

We value your feedback on what makes your student special, so please complete this form, which allows us to hear what you think is important in your student's life.

Electronic Transcript Request Form 
This required form is your request for your counselor to submit school records to colleges and programs.

*** Students must complete and submit a hard copy of the transcript request form to their counselor***

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