Contact Your Counselor

The Guidance Office is located in Suite 503, immediately next door to the Main Office on the 2nd level.  Please check in with Mrs. McDavitt at our front desk when you arrive. 

To make an appointment, please email your counselor or call your counselor directly at 781.455.0800.  
 School Counselors
 Email  Extension
 Mr. Will Grannan   x22118
 Ms. Renee Vasquez    x22126
 Ms. Shannon Mastropoalo  x22123
 Mr. Matt Howard x22120
 Ms. Mary Jane Walker x22127
 Mr. James Ash x22116
 Ms. Katrina Martyn x22122
 Ms. Meridith Welch x22128
 Personal Counselors  
 Ms. Roberts x22125
 Ms. Katz x22258
 Mr Shakur Abdal-Khallaq  x22115