High school is exciting, challenging and marks an incredible period of growth for students and families.  The Guidance Office at Needham High School is staffed with caring professionals to help ensure that your high school years are as successful as possible.  Our office consists of eight School Counselors, two Personal Counselors,  two Adjustment Counselors, the NHS METCO Coordinator and a Transitions Counselor to help you make the most of your high school experience.  From academic issues to personal challenges, our staff can help you navigate obstacles, meet your personal goals and fully explore your opportunities.  Our comprehensive approach includes individual meetings and large and small group seminars and spans many topics, from studying skills and personal growth, to college counseling and career exploration.  
Director of Counseling
Mr. Tom Denton

Counseling Department Secretary
Ms. Jean McDavitt

School Counselors
Mr. James Ash 
Mr. Will Grannan    
Ms. Katrina Martyn  
Ms. Shannon Mastropoalo
Ms. I'Esha Thomas
Ms. Renee Vasquez
Ms. Mary Jane Walker
Ms. Meridith Welch
Personal Counselors
Ms. Jennifer Roberts
Ms. Amanda Katz

Adjustment Counselors
Ms. Heather Harris
Mr. Bobby Hermesch
Ms. Arielle Mossberg

Transitions Counselor
Ms. Michelle Brenhiser

Counselor/NHS METCO Coordinator
Mr. Shakur Abdal-Khallaq
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