Course Change Proposal Form
If you'd like to change your schedule, whether due to level changes or selecting a different course, students must bring a completed Course Change Proposal form to their counselor.  To be considered complete, the form must include a signature from a parent/guardian and the student's current teacher.  Students must then meet with their guidance counselor to explore possible changes.  The counselor will then give the student an Add/Drop form that students must bring to the appropriate department head for approval.   As the final step in the process, students must meet with their counselor to process the change and receive a new schedule.  **please note: enrollment/schedule issues may mean that some changes are not possible

Transcript/Record Request Form
Seniors must complete this form in order to notify their counselor that they are applying to specific schools.  This form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to any application deadline the student is intending to meet.
Demit Form
If you are leaving Needham High School you must complete a Demit Form.  Please submit the completed form to the Guidance secretary, Ms. McDavitt.