Community Service Learning

The Community Service Learning Program is an important part of the educational experience offered at Needham High School. All students are required to complete two community service learning credits (60 hours) as part of their graduation requirement.

The mission of the Community Service Learning Program is to broaden students’ experiences beyond the traditional classroom by providing opportunities to become involved in volunteerism, service learning, and career exploration. By engaging in such activities, students learn more about themselves, their interests, and the privileges and responsibilities of being a member of a school, local, and global community. Students may complete their community service learning requirements through volunteer work, an unpaid internship, or a combination of both. Specific requirements for each of these two options are listed below. Students may start their community service learning hours beginning in their freshman year. Hours earned prior to that year, including the summer, may not be used.

Students must complete 2 credits, for a total of 60 hours. Each credit equals 30 hours of volunteer or internship service. A minimum of 30 hours must be done with the same organization for one credit, and the other credit/30 hours can be divided up with multiple organizations. Students may complete the entire 60 hours with one organization if they choose, or they may do 30 hours each with two or more different organizations. Students may earn a maximum of 1 credit through Counselor In Training programs and Internships. All internships require pre-approval, as do some service opportunities. Students may earn up to 2 credits per year with a maximum of 8 credits over four years.

Students who plan to earn CSL credit through a service trip: Please log hours of service specifically - travel time, leisure time and sleep time are not considered community service learning hours and cannot be used to earn credit.

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