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Greater Boston Project

In this course, students explore how individuals and groups have worked to effect change in the city of Boston and its surrounding areas throughout history and today using the disciplines of English, social studies, and mathematics. The course content looks at different historical eras, including today, through the lenses of population, government, economy, education, and art & leisure.

Through in-class activities, creative media projects, field study trips, and more, students practice and develop a variety of important 21st century skills, such as oral communication and collaboration. Students also use iPads and digital tools to learn and harness the power of technology in their studies.

The culmination of the class is a Community Action Project in which students work together on real-world problem solving by identifying issues and enacting change in their community. Thus, by the end of the year students themselves become agents of change, taking active
roles in impacting their world.

For more information, including curriculum and major units, see the Greater Boston Project Homepage.