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English 12

Twelfth grade English offers students an intricate examination of critical literary lenses through diverse, dynamic and didactic artifacts. Students will explore the purpose, assumptions, strategies and critical vocabulary that define Formalist Criticism, Biographical Criticism, Historical Criticism, Psychoanalytical Criticism, Postcolonial Criticism (Honors & Accelerated only) Feminist Criticism (Honors & Accelerated only) and Marxist Criticism (Accelerated only). In addition to demonstrating an understanding of critical lenses and applying their strategies to analyze and interpret literature, students will demonstrate through close textual analysis and interpretation of fiction, poetry, nonfiction and drama an understanding of the relationship between the form of a literary work and its meaning. The course offers students regular opportunities to refine creative, personal and critical essay writing skills, employing various strategies to generate and organize their ideas, draft and revise clear, focused, and coherent compositions and evaluate their own writing. All twelfth grade students must complete a comprehensive research project, the Senior Paper, as a course requirement. Representative texts include William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies, William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, and Chinua Achebe's Things Fall ApartAdditionally, all students in Grade 12 English will learn, practice and refine their understanding and application of the following grammatical concepts: Subordinating, Coordinating & Correlative Conjunctions; Comparison, Punctuation Marks (em dash, hypen, exclamation points).

Students enrolling in 12 Accelerated should expect to read 50 pages per night; in 12 Honors 40 pages; in 12 Standard 25 pages. Similarly, writing amounts vary by level.

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