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AP Language & Composition

AP Language and Composition is designed to augment advanced students’ critical reading and writing skills through the exploration of a wide variety of rhetorical contexts. Units are based upon a common eleventh grade core curriculum, consisting of American nonfiction and fiction selections, and organized by the following unit themes: Introduction to Rhetoric & Argument, Freedom (The Democratic Ideal), Equality (Social Justice), Opportunity (The American Dream). Each theme is explored through a variety of texts, critical lenses and multimedia including fiction, historical nonfiction, contemporary nonfiction, visual texts and poetry. Writing in this course will include critical, persuasive, formal, informal and personal narrative essays, and students will compose a series of short research pieces for each of the aforementioned units as well as a comprehensive research paper and culminating assessment during the third marking period. Students will also conduct a comprehensive review of usage, grammar and compositional mechanics, conduct extensive outside reading and examine/analyze visual documents. Upon completion of the course, students are prepared to take the Advanced Placement Exam in Language and Composition offered by the CEEB.

For more information on the curriculum and major units, see the links below.

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