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Academic Integrity

The following information has been excerpted directly from the Needham High School Student Handbook. Please read carefully and let your English teacher know 
at the beginning of the year if you have any questions or concerns about the policy.
Academic integrity is directly related to the central values of teaching, learning, and integrity in the Needham High School mission & expectations for student learning. Statement of Policy While particular instances such as group projects and study groups may call for collaborative learning to better understand and appreciate course material, submitting any work other than one's own is never permitted. Cheating is a very serious academic offense that can take a number of forms, including, but not limited to:

        • The use of unauthorized books, notes, electronic aids, or other materials in an examination.
        • Obtaining an examination ahead of its authorized release.
        • Unauthorized collusion; i.e. either aiding or obtaining aid or actual work, from another student, any other person, or any printed or electronic sources, where such aid is not explicitly required in the assignment.
        • Acting dishonestly in any way, whether before, during or after an examination or other assessment so as to either obtain or offer to others an unfair advantage in that examination or assessment.
        • Deliberate plagiarism (see below for complete definition).
        • Copying homework or notes to be evaluated by a teacher.
        • Submitting the same or similar work on more than one occasion or in more than one class. Plagiarism is the act of presenting as your own, the words, musical or artistic composition, computer program, data, or the work of someone else, whether published or not, and presenting it as one's own original composition or work without proper acknowledgment. This includes:
        • Direct copying of text from a book, article, fellow student's work, notes, or electronic source, including inappropriate use of electronic/internet translators.
        • Papers in which the student has received assistance other than general criticism from someone else.
        • Claiming individual ideas derived from a book, article, electronic source, fellow student's work, etc. as one's own, and incorporating them into one's work without acknowledging the source of these ideas.

The Role of the Tutor Parents, family members, or other tutors must never write or rewrite student papers or homework assignments. A tutor can be helpful by reading a paper and asking clarifying questions about the content, focus, organization, and mechanics (e.g. spelling, grammar, diction). The Use of Sparknotes and Other Aids Sparknotes, Cliff Notes, and other print or on-line study resources should not be used without the permission of the teacher.

Disciplinary Procedures
        • When a teacher determines that a student has violated the school's Academic Integrity Policy, s/he will meet with the student to address the policy /violation.
        • Teacher will meet with student to verify cheating or plagiarism
        • The teacher will file a misconduct slip and forward this slip to the department head/director.
        • Department head/director will sign the misconduct slip and forward to the appropriate assistant principal who will issue the consequence.
        • Appeal should be made to the grade level assistant principal who will determine the final disposition of the incident. The department head or director will be incorporated into the process. Consequences Violations of the cheating policy are cumulative over the course of the student's Needham High School career. Decisions at each level may be appealed to the principal/designee. Consequences may include:
        • A zero on the assignment in question
        • A one-hour detention
        • A three-hour detention
        • A one-day suspension
        • A meeting between the student, the teacher, the parents, and the assistant principal. (A letter of record of this meeting shall be sent home and a copy shall be placed in the assistant principal's office.)
        • A letter sent home advising parents of the situation and detailing consequences for future offenses. (A copy shall be put on file with the assistant principal.)
        • Removal from all student activity leadership positions. Student may also be placed on social probation and removed from all activities in which they represent Needham High School.
        • Removal from the class with a failing grade. Resources for Students & Parents Your child's classroom teacher is tile most appropriate and best resource to prevent cheating or plagiarism. Needham High School's English Department can provide supporting materials and guidance.

The NHS Library provides guiding documents and tools for citing sources: http://nhs.needham.k12.ma.us/nhsmedialNHSLibrary/resources2/citing.htrnl
Purdue University's OWL resource: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owllresource/619/01/

The Use of Turnitin.com
Some faculty at the school regularly uses the Turnitin plagiarism detection service to ensure academic integrity. The service allows teachers to compare student work to a database of millions of documents (an authenticity report is generated for each submitted piece of work). Any teacher using this service will notify his or her students at the beginning of the course. For further information, see www.turnitin.com.