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Needham-Shanghai Exchange 2017-18

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Needham students on the Bund in Shanghai - April 2016

Shanghai and Needham students on a tour of Harvard - September 2015
We are currently in the middle of  the  Needham Shanghai exchange for the 2017-18 school year. Needham students hosted students from our sister school, Shanghai No. 2 High School, in the fall, and then will visit Shanghai in April. It is a true exchange with students living with each other's families. In addition, during the exchange the group will travel together on day and overnight excursions in the Shanghai area. This year, we are traveling for a 3-day trip to Beijing.

The exchange is a wonderful experience for all those involved. It is an affordable way for Needham students to live with a family from a different culture. Hosting and living with an exchange partner can forge lifelong relationships and have a really positive impact on our lives. We encourage students who are flexible, resilient, inquisitive and open-minded to apply and take part in this exciting opportunity.

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