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Problems with watching live TV/DVDs

  • What is the channel lineup?:
    • Click HERE to see the channel lineup. If you want a specific program for students to watch, please contact Ms. Bookston.
  • Watching a DVD:
    • Follow these steps:
      • Turn on DVD player and insert DVD
      • Select "Video" as source on projector
      • Hit play on DVD player
    • If you have issues, please contact Mr. Yankell
  • DVD/TV does not have audio:
    • Check to make sure there are no disconnected cables in the back of the DVD player
    • Check the Amp to make sure the DVD volume is on
    • If you are still having issues submit a support ticket.
  • Picture is fuzzy/blurred:
    • Check cables going into wall
    • Look for loose connections in rear of projector
    • If you are still having issues submit a support ticket.