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Problems with Smartboard

  • My Smartboard is not reacting to my touch:
    • Make sure nothing else is touching the Smartboard
    • Check the status light on the right side of the board
      • Solid Green: Working Correctly
      • Flashing Green: Powered, but must run Smartboard Services on computer (Applications>SMART Technologies>SMARTBoardService)
      • No Light: Smartboard is not getting power. Check power cable.
    • If its still not working, submit a support ticket.
  • I can't draw on my Smartboard:
    • Make sure the color pen you want to use is fully removed from the Pen-tray
    • Make sure Notebook is running (Applications>SMART Technologies>Notebook)
    • If the points above are true, make sure the Smartboard is reacting to your touch. If not, see above.
    • If its still not working, submit a support ticket.
  • My Smartboard is not calibrated correctly:
    • Follow the steps and images below to recalibrate your board.