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Pros and Cons of Drones

posted Jun 14, 2018, 2:17 PM by Alessia Fucentese ‎(2020)‎

Alessia Fucentese

Pros and Cons of Drones

The Pros

Drones Have a Chance to Create Development

Aerial drones have a chance to create development in areas such as “Weather forecasting, maritime monitoring, search and rescue operations, oil and gas exploration, agriculture, telecommunication, and other human endeavors stand to gain a lot with the incorporation of UAS” (Dronesetc). Drones can provide a great overhead view. This is great for rescue operations and weather prediction due to the fact that they can cover a lot of land, and help people see things they coulden’t normally.   

Efficiency and Cost Management

Drones have the potential to save money, because they are cheaper to use in some industries.  “Compared to manned operations, unmanned vehicles save more money, and are energy-efficient. Imagine paying workers to spray crops on a large field or using trucks and planes that burn fossil fuels to deliver packages. Some aerial vehicles are already doing this excellently, but there is room for more exploits (Dronesetc).”  However in other industries they will cost more to make than to actually give back. This is because drone parts are very expenive, and in some industries the expensives won’t be worth it.

Safety of human lives

Drones have the potential to take on dangerous jobs so people don’t have to.  “ Flying machines hold many prospects in unmanned cargo handling, scientific research in hard-to-reach areas, coordinated security operations, inspections in difficult or dangerous scenarios, surveillance, and may other areas. Use of drone technology could open up more threats to human safety, but regulations and good management will alleviate the risks (Dronesetc).”  The drones can land on people, crash into things etc. but, regulation will prevent this from happening too often.  

The Cons

Possible Abuse

This is people's biggest concern when it comes to drones, because there are people and companies out there who can abuse technology.  “Drones are known to be used by the military for law enforcement operations, so many people are wary that the technology is vulnerable. Debates regarding gun control, wars, and foreign policies abound, so many fear the repercussions of abuse of the privileges. Drones have cameras, and with them being more accessible, owners could abuse it in violating the privacy of others (Dronesetc).”

Legal Concerns  

Laws regarding drones are still undeveloped since drones are new technology.  There have been a few cases of drones being used to spy on civilians for example.  

Public Perception

Drones are hugely controversial in the eyes of the public.  Especially because A flying machine crashed on the White House lawn, and some were seen flying over Paris.  The public is suspicious of drones and believe they could cause more harm than good.


It is clear that drones have more benefits than problems.  However, this new technology needs more research and development before they can reach their maximum potential, and there needs to be more public education.