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Augmented Reality

posted Jun 12, 2018, 5:40 AM by Cooper C O'Mara ‎(2020)‎

Augmented reality is a computer generated image that brings it into view in the real world. It can be a picture of a cell, a dinosaur, a vehicle, etc. Augmented reality add’s graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and smell to the natural world as it exists. Both video games and cell phones are driving the development of augmented reality. Everyone from tourists, to soldiers, to someone looking for the closest subway stop can now benefit from the ability to place computer-generated graphics in their field of vision. You can use an ar headset to look closer at an image to get the full details of what it is and what it looks like by walking closer to it. It will show a 3D image that you can look at via google expeditions. The image below is a 3D image volcano made with google expeditions. This app can help bring your 3D image real and even sometimes move. This is a good app to use if your trying to make a 3D image come to life. result for augmented reality google expeditions